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Corinna and her training program saved my dog’s life. My dog is a rescue pit bull who never had socialization with other dogs. He was unpredictable and showed aggression to multiple dogs, including serious bitesMy dog used to not be able to walk on the same sidewalk as another dog and was limited to leash-only walks and no socialization with other dogs. After completing the program, he and I are calmly walking by reactive dogs and my dog doesn’t even look at them.  He heels at my side on and off leash, he’s been approached by off-leash dogs and was able to manage the situation without showing aggression, and he even started going to the dog park off leash! My stress level has decreased significantly because I have the tools that I need to keep my dog safe and happy. Corinna took time to show me the warning signs to watch out for and how to read dog body language so I can help my dog avoid situation that may escalate…I strongly recommend Corinna and Paws Alive to anyone looking to transform the life of their dog. She shows compassion to all dogs even the ones that no one else would give a second chance… The results she delivers are incomparable to any trainer I’ve worked with in the Boston area…The program is worth every penny and Corinna makes sure that you feel happy with the results. ” 

- Shannon O. of “Chuck”, Boston, MA


“Over the past several months our otherwise friendly lab had developed increasing leash reactivity around larger dogs in our neighborhood.  We tried employing techniques we learned years ago, during numerous group classes at another well regarded Boston area trainer, but Scout was totally unresponsive.
Scout now walks calmly, by my side, on a short but loose leash.  She is much less reactive to the big dogs that previously set her off.  She is relaxed, but attentive, and when she does start to grumble about a far off dog, or get overly excited, we are able to address it quickly and calmly, before she gets too riled up. And with every walk she continues to improve.
Structured walks are doing wonders for both our sanity. I only wish I had visited Corinna first, before spending $$$$ and effort on group training sessions elsewhere. Corinna clearly loves and understands dogs, and wants to enable them to participate fully in life with their humans.  I give her my highest recommendation.”

-Catherine S. of “Scout”, Somerville, MA 


“In addition to seeing incredible changes in my dog’s behavior, I was quite impressed with Corinna’s approach to training, which shows dog owners how to apply each lesson in real world situations (it’s truly a 360-degree experience). Corinna is clearly very serious about seeing her clients succeed, she most definitely loves and forms a bond with each dog she trains, and she has an amazing ability to connect with and teach both dogs and humans.”

-Alyssa C. of “Franny”, Boston, MA



CALL NOW: 240.994.8248




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